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Modes of Consultation

1) Telephonic mode

At pre-booked time, the counselee can schedule his discussion session with the counsellor using Mobile phone or landline phone using voice calls. It is suggested that initial sessions could be had through mobile or landline voice calls to save the time. Telephonic mode will also be quite useful for the follow-up sessions after the Video or face to face sessions with the counsellors.


2) Video call Mode

At pre-booked time the counselee can have his discussion session with the counsellor using Mobile phone or computers, Laptops, Desktops or I-phones or other computer devices using video call services such as Skype, Google hangouts, Imo etc. Clients are encouraged to use this mode as it will avoid the need for travel long distances to consult the counsellors, same time it puts you face to face with the counsellors through video screen.


3) Face to face discussion Mode

Face to face meeting with counselors could be scheduled whenever felt necessary.


4) NRI Services

Special care is given to problem faced by counsellees. The Payment is accepted in USD only. The Modes of consultation remain same as in other cases.

5) Emergency booking

It is special facility provided to very busy people who have difficulty in prior fixing an appointment in listed time slots. Emergency bookings can be done on the same day upto one hour in advance even in non listed slots through making phone call to VCC office depending on counselor’s availability. Special care is provided for NRI and Emergency mode Services. An additional charge of INR 500 (USD 10 for NRI customers) wil be levied on the normal rates of booking the session. The payment could be made at the office.


Rate Chart

(Each session scheduled with the counselors is of 30 minutes duration)

Multiple sessions could be booked if counselee want to spend more time for discussion with the counselors. Session time could be extended during discussions with counselors subject to next session in the slot being vacant/ available at the time of discussion session. The charges for the same could be paid at the counter.


Telephonic Mode

Video Call Mode

Face to Face discussion Mode

Normal Sessions

INR 400

INR 600

INR 800

NRI Counseling

INR 800

INR 1200

INR 1600